Rate card


Please note that the following is a general quotation and subject to change upon further detailed analysis of job requirements.

Minimum head count requirement: 35

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea: £35 or £32 for numbers over 50

Supper: £12 p/head

Hand held break: £8.50 p/head

Soup/sandwiches: £5.50 p/head

Overtime (after 10 hour base rate): £150 p/hr and £200 p/hr after 16 hrs

Mileage: £1.50 p/mile (kitchen & fridge van), £1.20 p/mile supports

Early morning call (pre 4.30am): £150 p/h

Saturdays:  Same as weekdays except overtime rate at £200 p/h after 10 hours base to base, and £300 p/h after 16 hrs

Sundays and bank holidays: £500 per day covering 10 hrs, base to base, £250 p/h after and £500 per hr after 16 hrs

Night shoots: £600 p/night, £200 p/h after 10 hrs base to base and £500 p/h after 16 hrs

For use of Elvira May (Bedford CF van) there is a premium of £100 p/d

Travel days: £450

Gas:  £85 (combined kitchen and front of house)

Generator:  £12.00 per hour

Cancellation fee within 24hrs before: 75%

For booking enquiries please call our lovely Lucy  @ Wizzo & Co diary service:

Tel:     020 7437 2055 

Email:  diary@wizzoandco.co.uk