Sample menu

This is an example of  the craft services we can provide:

Coffee: Cappuccino, latte’s, Americano, espresso, flat white, mocha, macchiato, (iced coffee’s and affogato on hot days) plus de-caffeinated from the machine and made by staff whom are all ‘SCAE Barista’ level trained and supplied by Origin coffee company. We also provide Vietnamese coffee in pump flasks – this is a marmite thing, those that love it REALLY DO! Those that don’t……

Tea: We offer both Clipper (our favourite), builders tea and PG Tips, we are happy to buy in your brands also but we find that these two keep folks happy!

Milk: We stock semi-skimmed, whole milk, almond milk and soya.

Hippy tea: We stock pretty much every hippy tea and always supply teas on request.

Fresh tea: We offer fresh lemon, ginger, mint and local honey tea

Smoothies/juices: We stock our infamous ‘green juice’, a recipe for running that has been adapted for film crew, enhancing energy levels, stamina, immune system, skin revitalising (great for the girls), anti-carcinogenic.


Our counter will be stocked daily with fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables powders and seeds to make juices/smoothies for every ailment. We have a list of the healing qualities in all our fruit and veg and let the customer make their own combinations.

Toasties: Our toasties are made with sourdough and gluten free bread. We stock seasonal produce for fillings and offer interesting meat, veg, vegan options. Everyone loves a toasty!

Freshly baked: We offer daily gluten free, vegan muffins made with agave nectar. Full of seeds, grated vegetables to keep them super moist. All variations, fruity, nutty etc. No one would know that they are actually good for you! Also tray bakes, loaves, polenta cakes, savoury scones, seeded flap jacks (vegan & stunning!). Quiches/tartlets/frittata’s. Different variations of sausage roll (sage, Spanish farm sausage with red wine, paprika and fennel, chicken & turmeric), traditional scotch eggs plus smoked haddock scotch eggs.

Raw: Crudite and home-made hummus’s & puree’s. Home-made raw chocolate & fruit bars for that energy boost.

Things on sticks/canapes:
Quick hot and cold tasty little ‘on the hoof’ mouthfuls. Thai spiced chicken sticks, roast squash, fruit sticks.

Crisps: Home-made vegetable crisps.

Everything we serve is ethically and sustainably sourced.