Our commitment to the universe

Our meat is sourced from various ‘happy farms’ and smallholdings around the UK. We have personal and longstanding relationships with our farmers, and can guarantee the provenance of all our meat. We know and have visited the fields and pastures that our animals lived on. It is 100% free range and fed on natural produce with no growth enhancers or ‘nasties’.

Our fish is supplied by one company. They have their own vessels and have been fishing since 1870. We go direct to the fisherman. Our fish is mostly line-caught and is fished only around our waters. We only order the fish that is in high stock.

Our veg is supplied by a British green grocer, all British products are Red Tractor approved and all foreign produce (minimal) is Fairtrade.

We source as much produce as possible from local artesans, bee keepers, curers, cheese makers. Sourcing these products is nearly a full time job!

Our disposables are all eco-friendly and compostable.

We re-use.
We re-cycle.
We reduce wastage.